Miss Pigeon on Apartment Therapy!

Gah! My little donuts were featured on Apartment Therapy today! It's so surreal to see my little cuties perched on a shelf next to some of the coolest products for kids. I'm tickled pink to be on that shelfie!  31 Kids Gifts Ideas to Satisfy Your Inner Design Snob - why thank you Apartment Therapy! You've just made this birds day (who am I kidding you've made my year!) 

PS the writer of the article was too humble to list her own amazing product. Katerina from Apartment Therapy makes gorgeous handmade moccasins for babies. Each one is hand stamped 'made in New York'...hello, baby shoes have never looked so chic and cute! 

Miss Pigeon goes live!

Wow nelly! Finally this bird is live! I never imagined so many of you would love my crocheted sweets, so to be honest, I never thought I'd have an online store. I hope it runs smoothly! Please bare with me as I am very new to this world, pigeons and technology are an interesting pairing.

Miss Pigeon has been a monumental career change for me. It's been incredibly scary, yet at the same time I'm loving having complete creative freedom. Even more so, I'm humbled by how you are embracing my 'unique' style.

As the saying goes "Don't be afraid of what other people think of you, be afraid of being like the others". 

Let the adventure begin!
Love Miss Pigeon